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Death valley                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              v Welcome in Kentucky !!
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Capital Frankfort
Population 4 175 000
Density 39.30 / Km▓
Enter in union 01/06/1792
Rank in union 15
Nickname Bluegrass State
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Kentucky, Shakertown,Ky
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Kentucky, Natural Bridge State Park
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Kentucky, Shakertown, Ky
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Kentucky, Bluegrass State
Kentucky, Bluegrass State
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Kentucky, Scene from the road: these are classical fast food brand one will encounter during a trip in the South
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Kentucky, What collection of Fall photos would be complete without shots of the brightly-colored leaves? To get a different perspective on this I laid on my stomach and set my camera on the ground to shoot.
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Kentucky, Summer Harvest - Kentucky
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